Friday, 6 December 2013


Hey there...

I know its been a while i didnt update anything here.. Iguess no reason just I have not mich idea about cooking and also not much doing cooking stuff.. Recently I when i watch tv at home doing nothing and I feel so hungry.. look inside my fridge and thinking what food I able to eat.. and then... TAA DAAA... salmon are there but bored eating salmon in the same way of cooking style so.... here it is... FRIED SPAGETTHI SALMON..


Salmon shred the flesh.. (it is up to you how much u want)
Spegetthi (boiled till cook then toast)
Onions, garlic, ginger (finely chop)
Blend dried chilli
Tomato(cut into small dices)
Eggs (scramble first in another pan)
Some vegetables if u like too


1) heat the cooking oil in a pan.. Dont put too much oil
2) add in chop onions, garlic, ginger and blend chilli. Stir fry till the smell comes out (if u like spicy, xtra chilli will help)
3) add in shreded salmon, and scramble eggs and vegetables n tomato.. stir till salmon cook
4)season with salt or maybe lil bit pepper if you like too..
5) add in spegetthi and keep stir till all blends fry well
6) once all ingriedient mix well.. it is ready to eat..

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Waaahhhh.... Finally my boss make decision that we should do some Open House for Raya.. Just this time different because it is PRIVATE OPEN HOUSE WHICH IS STRICTLY FOR STAFF ONLY.. Last previous year we will invite all clients to join us but this time i have no idea due to what matter my boss decide to make it private.

Well there are damn delicious food that we cater and sonw cute n good desserts..

So for the MAIN COURSE we have few dishes here which is...

Ulam... in English we call it Salad.. ;)

This is one of squid dish... but I hv no idea what its name

Sambal tumis udannggg...  ( spicy prawn )

Marinated fried chicken

Fish curry

Malaysian favourite... Sambal belacan

All this delucious gorgeous food prepaid by :-

So i believe for people who stay around penang island, you all can consider this caterer to cater your function in the future...

And our dessert was prepared by CANDY CRUSH ...

By the way it was a very superb eating time we had...

Thursday, 29 August 2013

My office function (28/08/2013)

Well actually this function wasn't organize by me its from my other Collegue.. actually it was a very small function but the decoration for the dessert was so nice.. looks very adorable even it is simple food on top of the table but the presentation was cute..

It was prepared by CANDY CRUSH company.. the price I hv no idea but will ask them to give some info about their services..


Hi I'm back.... Its been busy this lately with my studies and my planning to go China and Hong Kong soon.. Well.. I will continue recipes that I have done during my Hari Raya Open House...

I got this recipe from one of my good friend, and the dish always be a must dish during our bbq with all good buddies.. I try to make same like what he does ( this recipe came from a male cooker) look will be the same but could be the taste might be different depend on how much cheese or type of cheese that we choose..  Its is worth to try and kids will love it.


500g macaroni
1 tin of prego white sauce ( it is up to you to choose any flavour)
100ml water
1 tin of button mushrooms (can use fresh button mushrooms too)
5 clove of garlic (finely chop)
150g shreded cheddar cheese (mozarella can be consider)(Can put more cheese as you like)
300g medium size prawn
Sugar & salt
Crush black pepper


1) Boil macaroni till soft then drain the water and put a side.
2) In another pot, sautee chopped garlic with butter or olive oil.
3) then add mushrooms, prawns and sautee till prawn just nicely cook..
4) Pour 1 tin of prego sauce together with 100mlbof water.
5) Stir well until boil.. then add in some crush black pepper (it is up to u how much u want the black pepper taste)
6) Add in liltle bit sugar and salt..
7) Add in shreded cheese and stir till the cheese melt nicely blend with the sauce.
8) Once the sauce all mixed and u feel satisfied with the taste, in separate bowl, mix all together macaroni and the sauce.
9) stir in the bowl and when its all mix sprinkle Chop parsly..
10) Ready to serve..

Sunday, 18 August 2013


For this recipe, you can use whole chicken or cut chicken into pieces. This time I cut the chicken into pieces because it is easy for me to serve the guest..


1 whole chicken
1tbsp fennel seeds powder (serbuk jintan manis)
1tbsp Cumin powder (serbuk jintan putih)
5tbsp crush black pepper
1tbsp coriander powder ( serbuk ketumbar)
1tbsp sugar
2tbsp salt
Half lemon juice
2 tbsp oyster sauce

1) you can use as whole chicken or cut into pieces. Don't forget to clean the chicken.
2) mixed all ingredient together with the chicken. Better marinate the chicken over night.
3) place the chicken on tray and roast the chicken using oven for 100'c temp.. estimate time to cook around 50 - 60 mins.


This is the most simple way to cook vegetables.. Well, it is up to u to use any other variety vegetables that suits you. But for this type of cooking, we use hard type vegetables..


Baby corn
Button mushrooms(slice)
10 clove of garlic(finely chop)
1 big onion(finely chop)
Salt & sugar
Butter use for fry


1) poach (rendam) all the brokoli into hot boiling water for 1 min..
2) toast the vege's and put aside
3) melt butter in the frying pan
4) fry garlic and onions untill golden color then sugar salt added
5) then add all vegetables and stir till all mix together
6) dont take too long too atir fry cos the vege already cooked.. then ready to serve

Saturday, 17 August 2013


This fish dish is one of my husband favourite and some how my brothers and sister i  law and also nephew and nieces love to eat the dish.. For them this is the acceptable way to eat Salmon.. So this dish kind of must cook when my husband invite friends amd family to come over to our house for lunch or dinner..


4 slices Salmon (easier if pieces of slice cutting)
300ml water
4tbs oyster sauce
4tbs plum sauce
Salt & sugar
3-4 stalk lemongrass(serai)
1inch ginger(slice)
Half lemon (slice)
5clove garlic(slice)
1big onion(slice)
2 tomatoes (slice)
5-10 birds eye chili(cili padi) depend on ur spicy taste and you can slice into tiny pieces or just cut into two..
Coriander and spring onion for decoration..


1) Mixed all together in a tray.
2) steam or oven (100'c) for 30-40
3) when its cook, sprinkle chop coriander amd spring onion.
     Ready to serve...

This recipe could be use lots of ingredients but its simple way to healthy cooking and the salmon smell will become lesser with all this ingredients..


Syukur Alhamdullilah... After been sick and hospitalized.. me and my husband rasa this is time to do Open House... Ye lah we not actually feel the raya mood cos' of sickness and so on....

So after discharge we went to sister and brother's house (my husband side) so eat mee curry, atleast my husband eat Laksa and other dishes as well like kuah kacang with nasi impit.. Anyway thanks to my brother and sis-in-law because brought to me ketupat (real ketupat anyam with Daun kelapa) and kuah kacang...

Then for this time our open house we feel like want to serve to our guest different menu from usual...

Macaroni Cheese

Mixed Vege

Sambal Tumis Udang

Steam Salmon (my husband fav)

Marinated baked chicken

So this all the dishes that i cooked.. I am not the superb expert but I do don't mind to share recipe.. Will share for the next blog cos' people are coming to my house...

Saturday, 10 August 2013

About to get started...

Assalamualaikum n good day to everyone!

Actually I about to start this blog with my few recipes since it is Hari Raya Aidilfitri And I Have try some cookies recipe and also others dishes during our sahur time (buka puasa usually at mother-in-law house so no cooking time).. who knows start at malam raya i get sick (bad fever) and admitted to hospital till today but tomorow will be hooooorayy!! Then i can stary sharing some you.. by the way hopefully me and my hubby we can share few things about all the information food we had and we need the same sharing info from you.. till then... to be continue....