Friday, 6 December 2013


Hey there...

I know its been a while i didnt update anything here.. Iguess no reason just I have not mich idea about cooking and also not much doing cooking stuff.. Recently I when i watch tv at home doing nothing and I feel so hungry.. look inside my fridge and thinking what food I able to eat.. and then... TAA DAAA... salmon are there but bored eating salmon in the same way of cooking style so.... here it is... FRIED SPAGETTHI SALMON..


Salmon shred the flesh.. (it is up to you how much u want)
Spegetthi (boiled till cook then toast)
Onions, garlic, ginger (finely chop)
Blend dried chilli
Tomato(cut into small dices)
Eggs (scramble first in another pan)
Some vegetables if u like too


1) heat the cooking oil in a pan.. Dont put too much oil
2) add in chop onions, garlic, ginger and blend chilli. Stir fry till the smell comes out (if u like spicy, xtra chilli will help)
3) add in shreded salmon, and scramble eggs and vegetables n tomato.. stir till salmon cook
4)season with salt or maybe lil bit pepper if you like too..
5) add in spegetthi and keep stir till all blends fry well
6) once all ingriedient mix well.. it is ready to eat..

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