Sunday, 1 September 2013


Waaahhhh.... Finally my boss make decision that we should do some Open House for Raya.. Just this time different because it is PRIVATE OPEN HOUSE WHICH IS STRICTLY FOR STAFF ONLY.. Last previous year we will invite all clients to join us but this time i have no idea due to what matter my boss decide to make it private.

Well there are damn delicious food that we cater and sonw cute n good desserts..

So for the MAIN COURSE we have few dishes here which is...

Ulam... in English we call it Salad.. ;)

This is one of squid dish... but I hv no idea what its name

Sambal tumis udannggg...  ( spicy prawn )

Marinated fried chicken

Fish curry

Malaysian favourite... Sambal belacan

All this delucious gorgeous food prepaid by :-

So i believe for people who stay around penang island, you all can consider this caterer to cater your function in the future...

And our dessert was prepared by CANDY CRUSH ...

By the way it was a very superb eating time we had...