Thursday, 6 February 2014


My lunch for today was CHAR HO FUN located at ESPLANADE PENANG (PADANG KOTA LAMA)food court.. It is a very nice type of chinese noodle dish but no worries people.. it is HALAL FOOD made by muslim comunity.. I hv no idea how to cook this meal but if u drop by or visit Penang you should step over to this pace to taste some of the foods..owwhh and please come during lunch time on working days because that's the only time they open.. there are plenty of foods here and  you should try this CHAR HO FUN.. thumbs up!!!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Partly healthy partly not really

Today I got some inspiration about eating something to help me put down on my weight.. So I decided to eat oats.. But plains oats could be not so encourage to eat.. I created meatballs with some veges n lil bit of black pepper gravy.. Simple, easy and fast!


Some meatballs (its up to you how meatballs u like)
Some brocoli
Carrots dice cuts
Potato dice cuts
Slice onions
Crush black pepper
Oyater sauce
Tomato sauce


1)Stir fry all the veges and meatballs together
2)when all the mixture in half cook conditions, add in some water to make some gravy
3)add in all the sauces as desire n salt
4) when all ingredients well cook, it is ready to eat!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cuppy cake for door gift

Well... It is one of my good friend's engagement day so decided to contribute something for on her engagement day.. She done a lot during my wedding day and make my big day went smooth so this time on her journey to become a wife, I decided to help her by made some cuppy cake as a door gift on her engagement day.. Just a simple cuppy cake but I hope its will make her day great..

So I would like to share the recipe here.. for me it is the easiest and simple cuppy cake to make..

With this recipe it can make 16 cups cake and I not really a sugar fan so i replace sugar with condense milk and the taste less sweet but rich in milky butter taste..


250gm butter

50gm cream cheese

4nos large eggs

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1/2 tin of condense milk

240gm flour 

25gm cocoa powder

6gm baking powder

Chopped walnut as desire


1) beat the butter n cream cheese till creamy then slowly  add in eggs n vanilla essence

2) after eggs n butter well blend add in condense milk and beat for 10 sec and add in flour mix with cocoa powder slowly

3) after all in gredient well mix just add in chopped walnuts and it is ready to filled in the cups and baked in the oven for 40mins. Temperature 130'cc

Monday, 27 January 2014

A week ago our dinner at Langkawi island

Couple weeks a go, me n hubby went to Langkawi Island to spend time together n like always we do spend money on foods.. there was one place we went for our last diner ... TELAGA SEAFOOD at pantai cenang area (anyway easy to find with big sign board) and it was fantastic diner that we had... the price wasn't that expensive not that cheap as well.. if you people lost in Langkawi Island to find any food to eat for dinner, try this place and u will definately love it..


In one sudden day i just feel so cheesy n my hubby just love with cheesy cheesy things.. With 2kg of cream cheese i keep in my refrigerator and with some oreo cookies.. I made A Oreo Cheesecake and its edible to eat!!!  Yyyeayyy!!!

I took the recipe from allthecook apps that i install from my fon...

Hv a nice try people!!!


Friday, 6 December 2013


Hey there...

I know its been a while i didnt update anything here.. Iguess no reason just I have not mich idea about cooking and also not much doing cooking stuff.. Recently I when i watch tv at home doing nothing and I feel so hungry.. look inside my fridge and thinking what food I able to eat.. and then... TAA DAAA... salmon are there but bored eating salmon in the same way of cooking style so.... here it is... FRIED SPAGETTHI SALMON..


Salmon shred the flesh.. (it is up to you how much u want)
Spegetthi (boiled till cook then toast)
Onions, garlic, ginger (finely chop)
Blend dried chilli
Tomato(cut into small dices)
Eggs (scramble first in another pan)
Some vegetables if u like too


1) heat the cooking oil in a pan.. Dont put too much oil
2) add in chop onions, garlic, ginger and blend chilli. Stir fry till the smell comes out (if u like spicy, xtra chilli will help)
3) add in shreded salmon, and scramble eggs and vegetables n tomato.. stir till salmon cook
4)season with salt or maybe lil bit pepper if you like too..
5) add in spegetthi and keep stir till all blends fry well
6) once all ingriedient mix well.. it is ready to eat..

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Waaahhhh.... Finally my boss make decision that we should do some Open House for Raya.. Just this time different because it is PRIVATE OPEN HOUSE WHICH IS STRICTLY FOR STAFF ONLY.. Last previous year we will invite all clients to join us but this time i have no idea due to what matter my boss decide to make it private.

Well there are damn delicious food that we cater and sonw cute n good desserts..

So for the MAIN COURSE we have few dishes here which is...

Ulam... in English we call it Salad.. ;)

This is one of squid dish... but I hv no idea what its name

Sambal tumis udannggg...  ( spicy prawn )

Marinated fried chicken

Fish curry

Malaysian favourite... Sambal belacan

All this delucious gorgeous food prepaid by :-

So i believe for people who stay around penang island, you all can consider this caterer to cater your function in the future...

And our dessert was prepared by CANDY CRUSH ...

By the way it was a very superb eating time we had...