Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cuppy cake for door gift

Well... It is one of my good friend's engagement day so decided to contribute something for on her engagement day.. She done a lot during my wedding day and make my big day went smooth so this time on her journey to become a wife, I decided to help her by made some cuppy cake as a door gift on her engagement day.. Just a simple cuppy cake but I hope its will make her day great..

So I would like to share the recipe here.. for me it is the easiest and simple cuppy cake to make..

With this recipe it can make 16 cups cake and I not really a sugar fan so i replace sugar with condense milk and the taste less sweet but rich in milky butter taste..


250gm butter

50gm cream cheese

4nos large eggs

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1/2 tin of condense milk

240gm flour 

25gm cocoa powder

6gm baking powder

Chopped walnut as desire


1) beat the butter n cream cheese till creamy then slowly  add in eggs n vanilla essence

2) after eggs n butter well blend add in condense milk and beat for 10 sec and add in flour mix with cocoa powder slowly

3) after all in gredient well mix just add in chopped walnuts and it is ready to filled in the cups and baked in the oven for 40mins. Temperature 130'cc

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