Monday, 27 January 2014

A week ago our dinner at Langkawi island

Couple weeks a go, me n hubby went to Langkawi Island to spend time together n like always we do spend money on foods.. there was one place we went for our last diner ... TELAGA SEAFOOD at pantai cenang area (anyway easy to find with big sign board) and it was fantastic diner that we had... the price wasn't that expensive not that cheap as well.. if you people lost in Langkawi Island to find any food to eat for dinner, try this place and u will definately love it..


  1. mak aii..
    bln 5 ni in sha Allah aku pegi lg..nk try cni plak..

    1. Haaa... kena pegi weh... x susah pun cari kedai dia.. hang p pantai cenang n hang akan nmpk kedai ni.. nmpk mcm chinese seafood concept tp owner melayu n makanan mmg halal la... udang tu cheese tiger prawn tau.. seeeedaaaaapppp saaanngaaat