Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Partly healthy partly not really

Today I got some inspiration about eating something to help me put down on my weight.. So I decided to eat oats.. But plains oats could be not so encourage to eat.. I created meatballs with some veges n lil bit of black pepper gravy.. Simple, easy and fast!


Some meatballs (its up to you how meatballs u like)
Some brocoli
Carrots dice cuts
Potato dice cuts
Slice onions
Crush black pepper
Oyater sauce
Tomato sauce


1)Stir fry all the veges and meatballs together
2)when all the mixture in half cook conditions, add in some water to make some gravy
3)add in all the sauces as desire n salt
4) when all ingredients well cook, it is ready to eat!

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